Mark your calendars!  Our first Youth Retreat of the year is coming February 23-25.   A fun-packed weekend for our Faith Community youth — we are heading off to Teen Quest Ranch for a weekend packed full with with more activities than you can shake a pointy stick at!  Cost is only $140 per person and includes food, lodging, fellowship, paintball, laser tag, indoor archery, team-building obstacle course, high-energy youth worship, and much, much, much more!  See pastor Bay for more info!  (Ages 10-17 welcome!)

If you're thinking, "Gee-Gosh-Golly, that's a bit of cash..." we understand! We do not want finances to keep anyone from going — we will find a way to get them on this retreat…it is that important to us! We are also hoping that some of our awesome church family will get behind sending our youth on this retreat, if you would like to donate to defray costs for this event, in addition to your normal weekly giving, please include another check with the word “YOUTH” on the memo line in your offering. If you're an on-line giver, you can note "YOUTH" in the comment section of the offering screen - it’s that simple! 


Please register today!!!  Deadline is Jan 28, 2018! You can use the form below to provide your contact information and one of our pastor's will be in touch with you to answer your questions. 

We are also going to bring the youth together in the kitchen and enable them to raise some $$$$ themselves to make it easier on everyone!  We will be selling soup on "Souper Bowl Sunday" at both locations. All soup proceeds go toward sending our youth on retreat!  What a tasty way to support our youth here at Faith Community UMC!  Plan to buy some soup for the big game Feb 4th!  

We are also extending an invitation to our sister church, Riverview UMC to join us for this event!  Some of our youth really bonded during confirmation class, and we would love to see those relationships continue to grow!

*Maybe you don’t like soup…we’ve got you covered!  If you don’t like soup, but still want to help…just ask for the ever popular “Invisible Bowl.”  Some non-soup eaters say, "it tastes just as good as real soup…” Soup…no soup…when all is said and done, it’ really about getting some kids to go on the youth retreat!  

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