September 19, 2018

Attendance: Marjean Stephenson; Diana Bowden; Susan Shane; Tracy Wilson; Pastor Donna Doutt; Pastor Don Dotterer; Pastor Bay Allen; David Landsbaugh; Pam Mansell; Janice Davis; George Pettibon; Jim Brenneman; Linda Brenneman; Jodee Kirchner; Jean Landsbaugh; Joline Mannion; Peggy Humbert; Bud Gallagher; Pamela Gill; Eric Park; Bob Gill

Opening: The meeting was opened by Pastor Bay Allen with opening prayer, greetings and a time of gathering and an introduction of our new District Superintendent Eric Park.

Eric Park, District Superintendent “The Proclamation of the Word”


Eric Park expressed how grateful he is for the clergy leadership and gave his testimony.  Eric was born in Washington PA, his father was a pastor and his family moved to Grove City when he was four years old.  Grove City church is where he learned about Jesus.  In the sixth grade his family moved to Indiana, PA.  He experienced his “call” to ministry while attending college.  He has been married to his wife Tara for 27 years.  He completed his Seminary work at Duke University.   He was the District Superintendent in the Washington District then moved on to be a pastor at the First United Church in Butler for five years.  He received a call from the Bishop and returned to the cabinet as Butler’s new superintendent.


Rev. Eric Park asked the question “When in your life did the ministry of the church affect you?”  Is church important…is church ever cancelled.  In Matthew it speaks about Who the Son of Man is…Who do you say I am.  He went on to speak of the Creed in the early church and how Jesus said “I tell you, you are Peter; where I build my church. 

Conviction Held in your Heart: The church belongs foundationally to Jesus Christ.  Jesus will preserve what he has built.  The United Methodist require lay people to take their ministry seriously.

A Superintendents’ Expectations of Himself and the Laity of the Butler District was distributed to all.  Please refer to attachment.


The Election of a Recording Secretary:  Pastor Donna Doutt motioned for the election of Tracy Wilson as the Recording Secretary for the Charge Conference on September 19, 2018; Jodee Kirchner second this motion.  All in favor was voted by the words of “AMEN”.

A “State of the Church” Conversation

  1. What are you celebrating about the church’s ministry over the last year?

Following people shared about the ministry over the last year.Pastor Donna expressed have grateful she was that a new Senior Ministry will be starting at the Riverview charge; Pastor Don Dotterer talked about the new Day Care (J.A.M.) at Faith on Jefferson; Jodee Kirchner discussed the increase of social post of the church with young people, increased children and new life in the church at Faith on 68; Susan Shane mentioned the community dinners and New to U programs offered at Faith on Jefferson.

What challenges to ministry are important to name?

  1. Faith on 68 congregation increase and Faith on Jefferson congregation is decreasing

  2. Dynamics of Tithing

  3. Serving or Lack of Serving the Church

  4. Congregation dying off and decreasing the serving/tithing

  5. Building Maintenance

  6. Unity of the Church
    What are some strategic actions steps in ministry that the congregation is preparing to take in the next year, and how do they relate to our denomination’s Five Areas of Focus?

  7. J.A.M Childcare Center being full

  8. Men Reunited at Jefferson Street

  9. Weekday Services (Mid-Week)

  10. Mission Site is currently Jefferson, would like to see more of Faith on 68 congregation serve in the missions offered.

Caring for the Administration of the Church:

Report of the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

Lay Leadership reports were presented for both Faith Community and Review (see attached).Motioned by Eric Park; the motion was seconded by Jodee Kirchner.There was no opposition to the Lay and Staff Leadership Nominations and were unanimously affirmed.


Setting of the Pastoral Compensation for 2019

Pam Gill, Chair of SPRC made the following recommendations on salaries for Pastors and asked for a motion:


Pastor Bay Allen Salary:$40,398​

Housing Exclusion:$10,000


Pastor Donna Doutt Salary: $24.600​

Housing Exclusion$13,000


Pastor Don Dotterer Salary: $30,000​

Housing Exclusion:$13,000


The Housing Exclusion is the untaxed portion of salary for parsonage use. The salary compensation package is one year.Pastor Don Dotterer will retire in July of 2019.

Pam Gill motioned and Bob Gill seconded this motion for the approval of the salary package.Compensation was approved with one abstention related to the salary of Pastor Donna Doutt.


  1. Report of the Pastor/Membership Records Report

  2. Riverview did not have any new members between November 8, 2017 through September 19, 2018.Riverview had one (1) baptized member and five (5) members were removed by death.The following names will be presented for reading for removal from the roles of Riverview UMC.The list was reviewed and supported to remove the names from the membership role:

Ann Arnold; Scott Arnold; Sonya Livermore Brown; Judy Burroughs; Debra Dewhirst; Christine Hyre; Teresa Macioce; Robert Means; Karen Meier; Patricia Pine; Scott Pine; Henry Purviance; Marilyn Shaffer; Dennis Shaffer; Joann Stubler; Lori Taylor; Luis Torres and May Lou Torres.



Faith Community had two (2) new members between November 8, 2017 through September 19, 2018.Faith Community had seven (7) baptized members and nine (9) members were removed by death.One (1) member was removed by transfer to another United Methodist church.Two (2) members were received by professing of faith.

Report Attached.


Approval of Lay Servants

Jodee Kirchner reported on the Laity School.Affirmation of our Lay Leaders, Susan Shane; Jodee Kirchner, Karen Miller and Tracy Wilson was approved.


Approval of Candidates for Ministry

Candidates for Ministry include Pastor Donna Doutt; Pastor Bay Allen; Pastor Don Dotterer; Pastor Jan Davis and Pastor Dan Miller.Affirmation of Candidates for Ministry was approved.


Other Administrative Matters – Sale of Parsonage

After a lengthy discussion concerning the sale of the parsonage, this topic was tabled.Eric Park recommended to refrain from voting on the sale of the parsonage due to the following challenges

  1. Congregation needs to be informed and understand the reasons for the sale of the parsonage.

  2. A special conference needs to be set up to act on the sale of the parsonage.

A Time of Prayer for Churches’ Pastoral and Lay Leadership

Eric Park spoke about creating opportunities for gatherings.  Holding monthly gathering at area churches each month.  The next monthly gathering will be held at Harmony Zelienople on September 23, 2018 at 6:00p.m.


The meeting was dismissed at 8:59p.m. with prayer.

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